Hightlights Reusable Nursing Pads

  • Wegreeco Breastfeeding Pads for Nursing Moms: Breastfeeding is beautiful and healthy for you and your baby. As a breastfeeding mother, you may experience milk leakage when you’re nursing or you are not nursing. Wegreeco contoured nursing pads are a great option to stop annoying and embarrassing leaks to keep your nipples and clothes dry. They are softer, more comfortable, and ultra absorbency, better for the environment. Full confidence for maximum comfort.
  • Contoured Shape Nursing Pad: Each contoured-shaped reusable nursing pad from Wegreeco measures 4.7 inches in diameter. These contoured washable nursing pads fit better the shape of the breasts, allowing for a better fit inside and staying in the bra well. The contoured shape makes the pads much less noticeable through nursing bras and tops.
  • Highly Absorbent & Soft Rayon Made from Bamboo Nursing Pads: Wegreeco pack of 14 washable, reusable nursing pads are made with premium soft rayon made from bamboo, microfiber, and leek-free outer layer. The rayon made from bamboo is soft and gentle and ensures comfortable nipples. The pads' multi-layer construction is designed to draw moisture away, providing excellent support against leaks, you will enjoy the comfort and softness. Non-bulky design.
  • Leak-free Fabric: Backed with a TPU fabric, it can also breathe and your nipples won't get a yeast infection as easily. It can efficiently keep wet away from mama bra or clothes. Rayon made from bamboo fleece or polyester nursing pads may not have the leek-free TPU as an outer layer. Great for keeping off nighttime puddles and daytime embarrassing leaks.
  • Easy & Cost-Effective Solution: Comes with a cute storage bag and a mesh laundry bag. You can just throw them in the bag when doing the wash and you don’t have to go searching them afterwards! And you can use the travel bag on the go! Life-saving washable and reusable pads and more practical than disposable nursing pads when choosing reusable pads.