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How to DIY Dog Diapers for Dogs in Heat

The typical symptom of a female dog entering heat is vaginal bleeding, which may last for 7-14 days during each heat cycle. This poses a significant challenge for the dog's hygiene and maintaining cleanliness in the living environment. During a dog’s heat, dog diapers are a lifesaver for the dog and its owners. This article will guide you on how to DIY diapers for dogs in heat.

how to DIY dog diapers

Why dog diapers are essential during a dog's heat cycle

Female dogs typically experience their first heat cycle between 6 months and 1 year of age. The estrous cycle is periodic, with subsequent cycles occurring approximately every 6 to 8 months after the initial one. On average, non-spayed female dogs go through two heat cycles per year.

Common symptoms of a female dog in heat include genital swelling, vaginal bleeding, increased urination frequency, heightened impulsiveness, and the release of chemical signals to attract male dogs. Each heat cycle involves vaginal bleeding lasting 7-14 days, posing a challenge for both the dog's hygiene and household cleanliness, leaving dog owners perplexed.

Dog diapers serve a dual purpose by not only helping to maintain cleanliness during a dog's heat cycle but also preventing the discharge and blood associated with the heat from lingering on carpets and furniture, thereby alleviating a significant cleaning burden. In the following section, we will explore the steps to craft homemade dog diapers for effective management during this unique phase.

How to DIY dog diapers

However, dog diapers are often highly cost, and disposable ones contribute significantly to pollution, posing environmental concerns. DIY dog diapers emerge as an affordable alternative, providing a practical solution for handling your dog's sudden heat cycles, especially in emergency situations when you haven't purchased dog diapers. Below are some specific methods for DIY dog diapers using readily available materials. These include both disposable and reusable options, allowing you to choose based on your preferences and needs.

Dog diaper DIY method 1

Materials: Face mask, disposable sanitary pad

This method is suitable for small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, or young puppies.


  • 1. Cut the strings on both sides of the face mask in the middle.
  • 2. Attach the sanitary pad to the inside of the face mask.
  • 3. Place the face mask on the dog, determine the appropriate position for wearing, and mark the tail's location on the mask with a pen.
  • 4. Using scissors, cut a small hole at the marked tail position on the mask, allowing the dog's tail to pass through.
  • 5. When putting the DIY dog diaper on the dog, thread the dog's tail through the hole, then secure the strings on both sides of the mask around the dog's legs.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Simple to execute.


  • Not suitable for larger adult dogs.
  • Less secure and may be easily pulled off by the dog.


Dog diaper DIY method 2

Materials: Boxer briefs, sanitary pad


  • 1. Choose boxer briefs in an appropriate size for your dog, either children's or adult boxer briefs based on your dog's dimensions.
  • 2. Dress your dog in the boxer briefs, determining the tail's location, and mark it.
  • 3. Cut a tail hole at the marked position.
  • 4. Attach a sanitary pad to the inside crotch area of the boxer briefs.
  • 5. Finally, dress the boxer briefs on your dog, threading the tail through the tail hole, and secure around the waist with safety pins.


  • Suitable for dogs of various sizes.
  • Comfortable for the dog.
  • Relatively eco-friendly.


  • Requires preparation of replacement boxer briefs.
  • Regular cleaning of boxer briefs is necessary.

Dog diaper DIY method 3

Materials: Disposable baby diaper


  • 1. Select a disposable baby diaper in an appropriate size based on your dog's weight.
  • 2. Trim off the ridges on both sides of the baby diaper. If not trimmed, the folds on both sides may lead to diaper rash for your dog.
  • 3. Place the diaper around your dog, estimating the tail's location, and make a mark.
  • 4. Use scissors to cut a hole at the marked spot for easy threading of your dog's tail.


  • Effortless, no cleaning required.


  • Less economical.
  • Less eco-friendly.

 A saving and practical alternative: reusable cloth dog diapers 

If you find DIY dog diapers too cumbersome or impractical, we recommend purchasing reusable dog diapers. They are washable, reusable, highly absorbent, feature secure velcro fastenings for a snug fit, and come in various sizes. Simply choose the appropriate size for your dog based on the retailer's size chart.