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30 Famous Dog Names from Movies

dog names from movies

Choosing a name for your puppy is a significant decision. This article will provide an extensive list of 30+ dog names based on movies, offering inspiration when you name your new puppy.

Get Inspiration for Naming Your Puppy from Popular Movies

  1. Maya, Max, Jack, Truman, Dewey, Shorty, Shadow, Buck - 8 Below

Eight Below tells the story of a group of dogs struggling for survival on the Antarctic continent. The main dog characters in the movie are eight Alaskan Malamutes, showcasing their resilience in extreme weather conditions. Each dog possesses unique characteristics, including bravery, intelligence, loyalty, and more. 

The following are the dog names and characteristics of the eight dogs:

Maya: Maya is an Alaskan Malamute with a highly intelligent and loyal personality. In the movie, she takes on the role of leading the pack, showcasing strong leadership skills.

Max: Max is an adventurous sled dog, adept at handling extreme environments. He displays resilience and bravery throughout the film.

Old Jack: Old Jack is an older but experienced dog, providing wisdom and guidance to the pack. He exhibits a mature and steady character in the movie.

Truman: Truman is a loyal and brave sled dog, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and determination to his owner in challenging conditions.

Dewey: Dewey is an energetic and lively dog, filled with enthusiasm and optimism. He brings a cheerful and friendly presence to the pack.

Shorty: Shorty is a small but clever sled dog, often showcasing her intelligence. She contributes moments of laughter and ease to the group.

Shadow: Shadow is a calm and loyal sled dog, displaying deep affection for his owner. He exhibits a protective side in the movie.

Buck: Buck is a strong and courageous sled dog, providing the pack with powerful strength and determination. He plays a crucial role in the film.


  1. Shadow, Chance - Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound tells the story of two dogs and a cat embarking on a journey to find their way back home after being separated from their owners. In this film, there are two main dog characters in Homeward Bound, the name are Shadow and Chance.

Shadow: Shadow is an elderly Golden Retriever, the beloved pet of the owner Peter. He embodies maturity, intelligence, and loyalty. In the movie, Shadow takes on the role of the leader in the trio, guiding and protecting the other two animals.

Chance: Chance is an American Bulldog, the pet of Peter's friend. Compared to Shadow, Chance is younger, more lively, and curious. Throughout the film, he experiences various adventures and adds a touch of humor to the storyline.


  1. Perdita - 101 Dalmatians

Perdita is a character in the Disney animated classic '101 Dalmatians.' She is a Dalmatian. Perdita is portrayed as a gentle and caring mother figure in the film. Alongside Pongo, she works tirelessly to protect their puppies from the villainous Cruella de Vil.


  1. Flike - Umberto D.

Flike is the loyal companion of the protagonist, Umberto Domenico Ferrari, and is a small Schnauzer. The film explores the deep emotional bond between the owner and his pet.

Umberto Domenico Ferrari, an elderly retiree, faces poverty and loneliness in his life. Flike becomes not only his sole companion but also his main source of support and companionship. The presence of Flike emphasizes the silent friendship and understanding between humans and animals.


  1. Hachiko - Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Hachiko, the central character in the movie "Hachi: A Dog's Tale," is based on a true story. Hachiko was an Akita dog in Japan known for his remarkable loyalty. The story revolves around Hachiko's unwavering devotion to his owner, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno.

Every day, Hachiko would wait for his owner at the Shibuya Station, even after Professor Ueno's passing. This touching tale became a symbol of loyalty and friendship. Hachiko's story gained widespread recognition, and a statue of him was erected at Shibuya Station in Tokyo, where he faithfully waited for his owner. The story of Hachiko continues to inspire and resonate as a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their loyal canine companions.


  1. Enzo - The Art of Racing in the Rain

Enzo is a Golden Retriever and the loyal companion of the main character, Denny Swift. Enzo is portrayed as a dog that understands human language and possesses insightful observations about human behavior. Through Enzo's eyes, the audience gains insight into Denny's life, dreams, and challenges. Enzo integrates the principles of racing into life, believing that the skills and wisdom learned from racing are applicable to the human race of survival.

Throughout the story, Enzo witnesses Denny's joys, sorrows, setbacks, and love. As a loyal companion, Enzo not only provides support to his owner but also engages in and understands his human's life journey in a unique way. The movie, from Enzo's perspective, presents a touching story about life, resilience, and deep affection.


  1. Bailey - A Dog's Journey

Bailey is a dog with a reincarnated soul, experiencing multiple lifetimes and continuing to accompany different owners throughout a heartwarming story.

Bailey's soul is reborn into different dogs, retaining memories and experiences from its previous lives. This unique narrative allows the audience to witness Bailey's life in various homes and time periods, along with the profound impact he has on each owner.


  1. Pongo and Perdita - One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Pongo: Pongo is the pet of the male owner, Roger Radcliffe. He is clever, witty, and fiercely loyal. Pongo takes on the role of the mastermind, orchestrating a series of clever plans that lead to the meeting and eventual marriage of Roger and the female owner, Anita. Pongo is a determined and resolute dog, playing a crucial role in leading and organizing the other dogs in the film.

Perdita: Perdita is the pet of the female owner, Anita Radcliffe, and she is Pongo's companion. Like Pongo, Perdita is intelligent and understanding. Together with Pongo, she faces the nefarious plans of Cruella de Vil, the film's antagonist. Throughout the movie, Perdita and Pongo work together, displaying bravery and unity, leading the other Dalmatians to thwart Cruella de Vil's evil schemes.


  1. Marley - Marley & Me

Marley is a Labrador Retriever, and she is incredibly lively and mischievous, brimming with boundless energy. She is full of love for her owners and family, but due to her mischievous nature, she often triggers a series of amusing antics. Marley plays a significant role throughout the entire movie, witnessing various stages of her owner's life. 

From being an affectionate little puppy to becoming an elderly dog, Marley leaves a profound imprint on her owner's marriage, career, and life. The film underscores the deep emotional bond between Marley and her owner. Despite Marley's behavior occasionally causing headaches for her owner, she becomes an integral part of the family, accompanying her owner through many moments of laughter and tears.


  1. Skip - My Dog Skip

Skip is a small dog, and the movie does not explicitly mention its breed, but it appears to be a mixed breed. Described as intelligent, lively, and loyal, Skip becomes the close companion of its owner during his teenage years, sharing many moments of adventure, play, and growth together.


  1. Otis - The Adventures of Milo and Otis

"The Adventures of Milo and Otis" is a 1986 family adventure film that tells the story of a little cat named Milo and a little dog named Otis. These two animals play the main characters in the movie, sharing various adventures and facing challenges together.

Milo (the cat): Milo is an orange-colored kitten, and the film unfolds from his perspective. Milo is characterized by curiosity, bravery, and kindness. Together with Otis, he explores the wonders of nature and confronts various challenges.

Otis (the dog): Otis is a small dog and Milo's loyal companion. He is friendly, lively, and loyal. Milo and Otis establish a deep friendship and go through many adventures together.


  1. Tulip - My Dog Tulip

Tulip is a German Shepherd and a loyal companion to J.R. Ackerley. The film, narrated from Ackerley's perspective, vividly portrays the deep bond and mutual understanding between him and Tulip. Tulip is not just a pet in the movie but also a companion and soulmate in Ackerley's life.

Tulip is depicted as an intelligent, loyal, independent, and understanding dog. She plays a crucial role in Ackerley's life, sharing various ups and downs, bringing endless joy and companionship.


  1. Buck - The Call of the Wild

"The Call of the Wild" is a film adaptation of Jack London's novel of the same name, recounting the adventurous story of a dog named Buck in the rugged wilderness of the North. 

Buck is a large dog initially serving as a domestic pet but later kidnapped into the wilds of the Alaskan Gold Rush. There, he gradually adapts to the harsh environment, evolving into a wild and powerful dog. Buck's journey is at the core of the film, showcasing his transformation from a domesticated dog to a survivalist in the wild.

Buck is portrayed as a powerful, intelligent, and adventurous dog. He exhibits resilience and courage throughout the film, forming unique connections with humans and other dogs.


  1. Lassie - Lassie

"Lassie" is a family adventure film series that revolves around the heartwarming story of a clever, loyal Border Collie named Lassie and her interactions with human families.

Lassie is a Border Collie and the central character in the series. Typically portrayed as a long-haired, golden dog, Lassie is renowned for her intelligence, loyalty, and bravery. Lassie's legendary tale began in the 1940s, making her an iconic figure in family movies and television.

Lassie is known for her deep affection for humans, high intelligence, and exceptional working abilities. Portrayed as a dog with a strong sense of responsibility, she consistently exhibits the ability to protect and assist humans in perilous situations.


  1. Max - Max

Max is a Belgian Malinois, a breed often used in military and police roles. In the film, Max is a loyal and highly trained military working dog who served alongside his handler, Kyle Wincott. After Kyle's tragic death in combat, Max experiences emotional trauma and is adopted by Kyle's family. Max becomes an integral part of their lives as they navigate the challenges of loss and healing.

Max is portrayed as a courageous, protective, and intelligent dog. His military training is evident in his skills, including tracking and apprehension. However, Max also struggles with the emotional aftermath of war, showcasing a more vulnerable side. Throughout the film, Max forms a special bond with Kyle's younger brother, Justin, as they help each other heal.


  1. Winn-Dixie - Because of Winn-Dixie

Winn-Dixie is a stray dog discovered by the protagonist, Opal, in the vicinity of a grocery store named Winn-Dixie. Opal brings the dog home, and Winn-Dixie becomes her loyal companion and friend.

The movie revolves around the relationship between Opal and Winn-Dixie as they navigate their way in a new environment. Simultaneously, it unveils the stories of other characters in the small town. The dog becomes a unifying force, connecting different individuals in the community and bringing warmth to their lives.


  1. Hooch - Turner & Hooch

Hooch is a French Mastiff and serves as the main dog character in the film. He plays the role of a drug-sniffing dog partnered with the protagonist, Officer Turner. Together, they embark on a series of comedic yet suspenseful adventures.

The movie revolves around the humorous and sometimes tumultuous partnership between Officer Turner and Hooch. This duo gets involved in a major criminal investigation, and Hooch's instincts and doggy personality become crucial in solving the case.

Hooch's presence adds a comedic element to the film and highlights the deep bond between humans and dogs. His instincts and alertness play a crucial role in solving criminal cases, ultimately bringing changes to Officer Turner's life.


  1. Beethoven - Beethoven

Beethoven is a St. Bernard and is the main character of the film. A large and mischievous dog, Beethoven becomes the pet of the Newton family.

Beethoven is portrayed as a very friendly, intelligent, and entertaining dog. Despite its large size, it has a gentle nature, showing deep loyalty and love to the Newton family.

Beethoven's presence brings profound emotions to the Newton family, becoming an integral part of their lives. Through its interactions with people, the dog changes the dynamics of the family and becomes an indispensable member.


  1. Rex - Firehouse Dog

Rex, once a famous movie star, is a Golden Retriever. After a film shoot accident, he goes missing and is eventually discovered as a stray. Rex becomes the pet of a firehouse and rediscovers his sense of purpose as a hero.

Rex is portrayed as a smart, witty, and energetic dog. Despite his past fame, he displays deep loyalty and selfless dedication to the human characters in the firehouse.


  1. Toto - The Wizard of Oz

Toto is often depicted as a Cairn Terrier, a small breed known for its keen senses and brave demeanor. Toto is constantly by Dorothy's side as she is whisked away to the fantastical land of Oz. Toto remains with her throughout the journey, playing a pivotal role in the storyline.

Beyond being a cute animal character, Toto symbolizes loyalty and support. In moments of adversity, Toto remains a steadfast companion, offering encouragement and strength to Dorothy.


  1. Slinky - Toy Story

Slinky Dog is a fictional toy dog, and its design is not based on a real-life breed. Instead, it is created to be a unique and charming character in the movie.

Slinky Dog has a long, coiled metal spring body, four short legs, and a kind and friendly facial expression. Its body is extendable, allowing for unique functionalities that play a significant role in the movie.

Slinky Dog is one of the toys owned by Andy, and he is affectionately referred to as "Mr. Slinky." He is a reliable and amicable member of the Toy Story team. Due to its coiled spring body, Slinky Dog is often used in the movie to help other toys reach high places or overcome obstacles. His unique design makes him a crucial member of the team.


  1. Balto - Balto

Balto is an Alaskan sled dog, a breed known for its strength, endurance, and resilience in harsh, cold environments, making them well-suited for sled-dog tasks.

Balto is a dog in the town of Nome, Alaska, considered a "half-breed" because he is the only member of the sled team with half-wolf heritage. Despite facing discrimination, Balto displays extraordinary courage and intelligence. 

The film narrates Balto's heroic journey through treacherous Alaskan ice and snow to deliver crucial medicine to the infected town of Nome during a diphtheria outbreak. Leading a team under challenging conditions, he successfully completes the mission.


  1. Hagen - White God

Hagen starts as the beloved pet of its owner but faces abandonment and hardship. As the story unfolds, Hagen becomes a central figure in a rebellion, leading a group of abandoned dogs.

The film follows Hagen's journey from being abandoned to becoming the leader of a large group of dogs in a rebellion. Hagen experiences injustice but also demonstrates a strong desire for freedom and a response to human behavior.


  1. Napoleon, LaFayette - The Aristocats

In the Disney animated film "The Aristocats," there are two secondary dog characters: Napoleon and Lafayette. Although these two dogs are not the main focus of the movie, their presence contributes additional humor and character dynamics to the overall narrative. The film primarily centers around the adventure of a wealthy cat family and their interactions with various animal friends.

Napoleon: Napoleon is a male British military dog with a majestic appearance and a brave personality. In the movie, Napoleon is the pet of Madame Adelaide's old friend Georges.

LaFayette: LaFayette is a long-haired dog and also a pet of Georges. While Lafayette doesn't have much screen time in the film, it appears as a companion to Napoleon, adding some comedic elements to the story.


  1. Fly - Babe

Fly is a black-and-white Border Collie, working as a shepherd dog on the farm. She is the loyal companion of the farmer, Mrs. Hoggett, and is responsible for helping manage the flock of sheep.

Fly exhibits typical Border Collie qualities such as intelligence, loyalty, and herding instincts. In the film, she forms a special bond with the pig Babe, becoming his mentor and friend on the farm.


  1. Charlie - All Dogs Go to Heaven

"All Dogs Go to Heaven" is an animated film directed by Don Bluth, released in 1989. The story revolves around a German Shepherd named Charlie, who, despite being a bit of a rogue, is given a second chance at life on Earth after being murdered in a betrayal.

Initially employed at a casino, Charlie's life takes a turn when he is killed in a treacherous plot. However, his adventurous and free-spirited nature leads him to choose to return to Earth rather than stay in doggy heaven. Back on Earth, he forms a close friendship with a small dog named Itchy.

Throughout the narrative, Charlie endeavors to change his ways by helping a little girl thwart an evil plan, proving his worth in the process. Charlie's character is marked by wit, adventure, and unwavering loyalty to his friends, making him a beloved animated figure.


  1. Beast - Sandlot

"The Sandlot" is a 1993 American family comedy film that revolves around a group of boys playing baseball together during the summer. The movie features a prominent dog character known as "The Beast."

The specific breed of "The Beast" is not disclosed in the movie, but it is depicted as a large, furry dog.

"The Beast" is characterized as a guardian of the baseball field, shrouded in mystery and feared by the boys. Rumors circulate among the boys that "The Beast" has consumed numerous lost baseballs, creating an aura of apprehension around the dog.

"The Beast" becomes a pivotal element in the plot as the boys embark on an adventure to retrieve a baseball that has fallen into the dog's territory. The storyline unveils the true nature of the dog as the boys confront their fears.


  1. Tod, Copper - The Fox and the Hound

"The Fox and the Hound" is a Disney animated film released in 1981, telling the heartwarming story of an unlikely friendship between a fox and a hound. The name of the two main dogs in the movie are Copper and Tod.

Tod: Tod is one of the main characters in the film, a young fox who forms a friendship with a hound named Copper during his early years. Tod is depicted as innocent, curious, and friendly.

Copper: Copper, the hound, is Tod's friend. As he matures, Copper becomes a well-trained hunting dog, and their friendship is tested due to his natural instincts. Copper exhibits loyalty to his owner and the conflict between friendship and the instinct to hunt.

These two dogs portray a profound friendship in the film while also reflecting the complex dynamics between different species and the realities of their instincts.


  1. Frank the Pug - Men in Black

In the movie "Men in Black," there is a distinctive dog character named Frank the Pug. Frank is a Pug, a small breed known for its friendly nature and distinctive appearance, who stands out as a unique character in the film. He is an extraterrestrial being capable of human speech.

Frank serves as an intelligent being with key information, collaborating with the Men in Black agents to provide crucial details. Throughout the film, he showcases a profound understanding of extraterrestrial life and secret missions.

Frank serves as an intelligent being with key information, collaborating with the Men in Black agents to provide crucial details. Throughout the film, he showcases a profound understanding of extraterrestrial life and secret missions.


  1. Fred - Smokey and the Bandit

In the movie "Smokey and the Bandit," there is a dog character named "Fred." Fred is the canine companion of the main character Bo Darville, also known as "Bandit." Fred is a long-haired Basset Hound.

Fred is portrayed as a loyal and companionable dog to Bandit. Throughout the film, Fred accompanies Bandit on various dangerous missions, becoming an essential companion in the storyline.

The movie revolves around Bandit's high-speed chases and missions. Fred, the faithful companion, joins Bandit in a series of thrilling and humorous adventures.


Final Words

As we conclude this cinematic journey through the memorable dogs of 30 famous films, let these canine stars light the path for pet owners seeking inspiration in naming their furry companions. May the tales of these on-screen heroes serve as a delightful reservoir of creativity, guiding you to choose a name that perfectly captures the spirit and charm of your new, loyal friend. Happy naming and may your bond with your four-legged companion be as timeless as the stories that inspired it. Cheers to the joyous adventures that await you and your newly named, beloved pup!